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Hirechat is here to reduce your workload
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How is that possible?

All in one

Separated channels may separate important information.

Upload job openings, chat with the others, managing referrals and candidates, all through Hirechat.

Automated features

With Hirechat's automated features for referral tracking, you can save time for other important task.


Let automated notifications answer all the queries related to hiring; it's easy, it's transparent.

Auto-generated candidate tracker

Download/Share candidate tracker with single click

  • Default fields

    Basic fields like salary, location, experience, designation etc is available by default.

  • Easily downloadable

    Excel file with candidate tracker is always available. Talk with others about the candidate tracker.

  • Additional fields

    You may add as many fields as you like to gather extensive information from the candidate.

  • Customized candidate filter

    Select and extract info on specific candidates at a certain stage of progress.

Track your referrals

Track detail referral information

  • Automatic referral tracking

    Every activity related to referring is recorded in app.

  • DM with referral

    You can direct message your referrals by simply tapping on the referrer's name.

  • Referrer tracking

    If a candidate submits their resume through JD link, the referrer's name is attached automatically.

  • Referral summary

    On the other's profile, you can overview candidates he or she referred and their average ratings

Automated notifications

Let auto notifications answer all the queries about the hiring process, instead of you. Including all updates related to the job opening and candidates.

In-app chat

Use our specialized chat feature for easy and seamless communication. Discuss job openings, candidates and referrals, it's possible on Hirechat.

Bulk mailing

No more sending individual eMails to team members every time you upload a job. Just use a pre-defined list, invite and share the job details.

  • Mailing list

    Bulk mailing through predefined list.

  • Easy to share

    To share a job or team invitation, simply load the email list and send it. It's done!

  • Tag the mailing list

    Add tags to certain eMail addresses to group them as one list. Remove or edit tags whenever you want.

Job & candidate management

Download and share candidate tracker with a single click

  • Pre-organized jobs tab

    Hassle-free and quick overview of JDs and other important information about the job.

  • Comments & Ratings

    Leave notes or simply 'rate' candidate easily for other collaborators to see.

  • Switch job status

    Update job status between on-hold and reactivate whenever you need it. No need to repost the job.

Team collaboration

Allows you to divide workload and team up with other department managers

  • Team up

    When uploading a job, assign other members as collaborators.

  • Comments & Ratings

    Notes about candidates or simple ratings can smooth collaborating with HR managers.

  • Assign & Dismiss

    Easily assign or dismiss collaborators in less than 3 steps.

  • Collaborating updates

    Updates from collaborator are captured and shared through inbox in an easy summary format.

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